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Our Charcuterie section is 100% Halal and sourced from Maison Morand. Craft an exquisite spread with MHG's diverse charcuterie selection, featuring a medley of fine meats including Salame Milano Beef, Spicy Salami Spianata, Veal Chorizo, and more. Elevate your palate with Bresaola Punta D'Anca, Beef Salsiccia, Veal Prosciutto, and the delicate flavors of Veal Truffle Salami. Explore a world of rich tastes, from Beef Pancetta Arrorolata to Wagyu Beef Chorizo, perfect for every occasion.

Wagyu Beef Peppercorn Salami

Dhs. 83.00 – Dhs. 415.00

Wagyu Beef Pancia

Dhs. 130.00 – Dhs. 650.00
Not enough items available. Only [max] left.