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Our meat is Halal certified and is sourced from from responsible and sustainable Australian and American farmers.

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U.S. & Australia farmers produce some of the highest quality protein in the world

U.S. beef farmers produce high-quality, safe and wholesome products. That claim is supported by vigorous industry standards and also by a government-mandated verification process. One of the standards widely used is the Beef Quality Assurance Program (BQA), that trains farmers and ranchers on the best practices of cattle management to ensure that their animals and the environment are cared for within guidelines and regulations across the U.S. beef industry. .

Australian beef is certainly a product of its environment. Australia's unique climate, wide open spaces and healthy soil allow animals to live in their natural habitat and help provide consistent supply all year round. The animals are naturally protected from diseases and are free to roam on protected pastures. Their environment has a positive impact on the beef quality.

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The farmers we work with are specialists in breeding cattle that produce the best tasting meat. Thanks to generations of raising cattle, you can expect the best tasting beef.

The Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is Australia’s Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program, that’s designed to support Australia’s agricultural industry in producing quality beef. All MSA graded beef is labeled with an eating quality grade based on almost 800,000 taste tests by more than 114,000 consumers from 11 countries. This rating system ensures excellent quality of beef is maintained from paddock to plate.

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Meat House Gourmet Butcher was launched to help give home cooks better access to the best Australian & U.S. produce, ordinarily destined for the top tables of upscale eateries.

By building a strong supply chain working with traditional farmers, we're able to supply better meat direct to your door. We might be based in the heart of Dubai, however we are connecting our customers to proteins produced in the lush pastures of our farmers across the globe. 

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At Meat House Gourmet Butcher we want home cooks to have access to the best products from our farm partners in Australia and the U.S.

You'll notice that all of our meat is traceable to the country of origin and to our farm partners that we're proud to be working with. Whether you prefer grain-fed or grass-fed beef, we offer our customers the same high-quality protein that's served at the top restaurants across the UAE.

We import our proteins from Australia and the U.S. from our network of farmers who we've known for years. We understand their products and the consistency of their quality. By working with them closely, everybody wins. We get to deliver you the best meat, and our trusted farmers can rely on a fair price.

We are butchers by trade, and artisans at our craft. Our range of both traditional and modern butchery cuts is constantly growing as we encourage home cooks to eat nose-to-tail and discover new dishes.

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