Jersey royals are probably the most well known, but here in the UK we have a variety of new season potatoes, with a favourite of mine being the Lincolnshire new. The Jersey royal is a kidney-shaped potato, with a paper-thin skin, which was called the Jersey Royal Fluke. Their protected designation of origin (PDO) was later shortened to 'Jersey Royal'. All varieties work in similar ways and are great for poaching, baking and for using in classic potato salads. Here we use in a simple broth perfectly paired with spring green vegetables and a nutritious bone broth to give the dish depth of flavour.


  • 500g diced lamb
  • 500ml chicken bone broth
  • Handful jersey royals or new crop potatoes peeled & washed
  • Handful wild garlic or tender spinach
  • Small handful fresh peas
  • Fresh chopped parsley to finish
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper to taste


method for the broth:

  1. Cover the lamb with cold water and bring to the simmer.
  2. Drain lamb then cover with the broth, bring back to a simmer and skim away any white scum that comes to the surface.
  3. Simmer for one hour then add the potatoes and turnip (if using) and continue to simmer covered until both the potatoes and lamb are tender when pierced with a skewer.
  4. Season to taste.
  5. Finally add the wild garlic (if in season) or spinach if not, peas, and parsley, before simmering for a minute and serving.

to serve:

Serve the broth piping hot with warm crust bread and butter. For extra punch add a few fine capers to the broth just before serving.