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The smell of a roast lunch or dinner is powerful. For many of us, it transports us back to the dinner table in our family home. It's one of the best comfort foods and leftovers are great for next-day sandwiches. Meat House Gourmet Roasts are ready for you to cook. Whether it's a quiet Sunday or a big family gathering, you cannot beat a traditional roast.

Boneless Rib Roast

Dhs. 522.00 – Dhs. 1,427.50

Chateaubriand Roast

Dhs. 359.00 – Dhs. 814.00

Beef Tenderloin Roast

Dhs. 670.00 – Dhs. 1,574.00

Beef Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin Roast

Dhs. 390.00 – Dhs. 979.20

Beef Wellington

Dhs. 391.00 – Dhs. 870.00
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